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  • Mac Pros

    10. 05. 2016 09:03

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Hey! Im an old player of navyfield... i used to play NF about 3 years ago, Before my old computer crash, now, an about 2 years i bought a Mac Pro Retina! i loved to play the OLD NF... i hate the new one, gameplay is too slow, too much graphics for a game like this... this is my opinion! i dont want to play NF 2 because is nothing equal to this NF... i love this NF... and i cant play it because i have a MAC... can you plz?! Make some patch for MAC? like me, exists lots of players would love to play again this NF .... and hates the New One NF2.... 

Thanks for the time, I cant speak well english, im portuguese... and i have lots of friends would love to play again this one...

Best grats
Jony Horta