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    01. 18. 2017 17:25

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Ok, No Shame but part of this is a reupload

-Sailor Role Change.
So your in NF and you want a Bomber pilot or a Fighter pilot and you click support insted of specal and then you find out "Oh S**t this isnt the right role, all that time and effort is now gone and now i have to restart just for that sailor." Well i was thinking that this can be helpful to compleatly reset to "Armement", "Special", "Support", "Seaman", and "Radio Man" It would be nice to see that to come to NF to undo those mistakes that everyone does.

-Auto Rank Up.
So your in NF and you want to lvl up your BO so you can get to the next ship on the line of ships in the game. When you use it will lvl up your sailor by 1 lvl(duh) but it WILL NOT give any XP (will set to 0-what the next lvl is need for), Rookie to Expert, Expert to Veterian rate.

-Force Nation Change.
I know this is in the game (partly) but inset of just having the BO having the Nation Change, all sailors can have the nation change.


  • Re : NF Ideas

    01. 19. 2017 06:15


Adding on to my Original Ideas and some updates to the ones i posted yesterday


-Auto Rank Up Edit. It should have a limit of 5 uses a day.
-Force Nation Change. All Sailors can use it, Even Neutral Sailors can use it regardless of lvl.


-XP Increaser.
Ok, I know that there is a 30% XP in the game but i was thinking that there should be an 40% XP Increase and a 50% XP increase to the game. This isnt a great idea in my opinion though but is an easy quick add XP to sailor thing.