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  • Downloading the game

    02. 01. 2017 15:29


I can get the clinet to download but it wont start. It asks for permission to change but after i say yes it wont lauch


  • Re : Downloading the game

    02. 01. 2017 16:30

Are you running Windows as admin?  

  • Re : Downloading the game

    02. 01. 2017 19:20

You probably didn't get the whole client installer. It says download complete but the download will be way less than the 751mb on disk. If you see the download slow down it is probably not going to download all of it. You might as well cancel and try again. Keep trying until your download is 751mb. It also seems to download better in off peak times. I have been messing around with different virtual box setups so I have had to download it a few times and this has been my experience.

  • Re : Downloading the game

    02. 03. 2017 06:13


Would you mind sharing a GIF or a Video of this action to us so we can help