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  • Enfuns Updater problem

    03. 27. 2017 06:41


ok so new problem.  very new to me.  started game to play a few.  pressed start game after update, NOT EXIT.

immediately, 'are you sure you want to exit' popped up.  would NOT accept a 'no' answer.  after clicking yes several times, all finally cleared.

deleted everything from NF and SDInternet.  downloaded full client, update and updater, after restoring pc all the way back to FEB. 1, 2017.   also deleted some unnecessary spacetakers and a coupla files i did not know that had been loaded w/i last month.  no further indication of worm or other virus activity.

reloaded game, etc.  managed a few games last night.  this morn same thing started again.

reboot seems to allow m, a y b e  1 login if i am lucky, but not every time i reboot.

running winXPpro on lenovo thinkcentre using google chrome and a yahoo homepage.

reboot notes look normal.     SUGGESTIONS?



  • Re : Enfuns Updater problem

    03. 29. 2017 02:14

If you managed to enter the game, it should not be the problem of client or the game.  It looks like there are some kind of virus pop up the message. Install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and run a check on your computer and see if it detect any virus/trojan. Thank you