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  • Personal BO achievement

    05. 01. 2017 23:44

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Category : Navy Field

Personal BO achievement

Yay, my Bridge Operator has cracked the 500 million tonne mark!


  • Re : Personal BO achievement

    05. 08. 2017 02:24


1. How do you sink 10k destroyers on a high level BO? That's something you would see if you camp blitzkrieg for a very very long time.

2. Your account only has 2500 games played. You can't get those kind of numbers on that few games. There's no way you sink 5 DDs, 2 CLs, 1 CA, and 4 BBs every game.

3.  Why is there no time stamp in your screenshot?

Something is fishy. 

  • Re : Personal BO achievement

    05. 09. 2017 01:21


This BO is my first BO from Navyfield BETA, along with the 10/10 gunners. I have mainly played DD vs DD or DD vs CL rooms, long before Blitzkrieg or Great Battles and stayed in my beloved z99 (before it was nerfed and NF took away the 6.75D guns) until mid 70s level, without premium, so as you can imagine the XP for a BO in the 70s was pretty low, it took a long time to level up but it was good fun. Never played any other nation but Km, only have one other BO and no CVs. And I don't think anyone could sink 10k of any ships before reaching level 60.

I have stopped playing for a while and when my account got reactivated I started at zero games played and got kicked out the Hall of Fame, so yes, 2,500 games is way too low.

There is a timestamp in the screenshot - it was 12:38. I honestly do not know what happened to the NF version number in the screenshot.

The only thing fishy here are the fishes in the sea.

  • Re : Personal BO achievement

    05. 09. 2017 09:49


Alright I'll accept it.

Here are mine:

100% of kills on the CV BO were done by dive bombers. 

  • Re : Personal BO achievement

    06. 11. 2017 17:44


I love this idea! 

Here's my best guys. This actually is my first completed crew. I'm not even coming close to yours, but don't laugh too hard :(

I say lets keep em coming!

  • Re : Personal BO achievement

    06. 13. 2017 08:21


not much but this is the best i did ;D

  • Re : Personal BO achievement

    07. 26. 2017 02:14