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  • Navyfield TIP No.1 ~ 5

    11. 11. 2017 20:22

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TIP No.1

 Main ship in the first ship yard

Click the green light arrow at the top of Shipyad to adjust the boat to the first shipyard.

TIP No.2

 New sailor choice

Turn the Roll dial until the desired option is reached, set the name, and then press OK.

TIP No.3

 crew's control

Click on the RCT at the bottom of the cap, or right-click RTC to fill it at once.

TIP No.4

 Battleship range control

It is easier to control the vessel's ability to control the vessel's ability to control the vessel's range.

It is like tip No. 3 to control the capacity of the captain.

TIP No.5

 H.Q. Crew moving

After placing the guards in the warehouse, the method of transferring the spent fuel from the warehouse can be adjusted after clicking on the merchant.


TIP movie in the youtube!!