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  • Ways to increase the community

    12. 03. 2017 09:01

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well currently as we all know navyfield are still lacking of players, here are some of my opinions on how navyfield could increase new active players

1. remove blitz room level restrictions

most newbies cant play or even have fun on navyfield since the only room for them to play is GB room which is much easy to fill up, those newbies would usually rush mid at the moment the game start and get sunk without even laid even a single shell,

by removing limits on blitz i think those new player and old player could at least have fun and last longer then they could in GB room, put back the limit back to lv80, 

2. Recruit Crew, Make it more friendly?

i found out recruit new crew its been harder then few years before, i could mange a good 11/11 base back days, but now i found it almost imposible, premium salior are already good enough to be buy and i dont think it will mess up premium purches, lose up a bit for the community, they wont play low level when its hard to gain good sailor stats unless you buy it, which i think the game should change its moto from free to play to PAY TO PLAY

3. Make trade aviable

trading is a must have feature for MMO games, those system play important role where player can have fun trading with others, i have never seen any MMO would disable it trading feature just for reason exploit or such, its player own risk for making non legal trading, not the whole pie mistake, please dont kill the joy for your same mistake for lust of money

4. Change old user interface 

i have seen that navyfiled had the same old user interface since beta up until now, make some few changes to spice up, its 2017 and almost 2018 why not give a new fresh look?
ppl tend to like something thats look nice and enjoyable, PM me if you need some help i could help some

5. Change the effects

same thing as i mention above, we been playing the same game with the same effects, why not spice it up for more interesting, put some image or something when we fire or been sunk,
it would look soo cool and eye catchy

so those are some of my opinions on how we can get back the community to grow back to its former glory,

critics are wellcome


  • Re : Ways to increase the community

    12. 03. 2017 17:58


To be honest, i dont even think the management team even care to read this..