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  • MDP System(Most Dominant Player)

    12. 06. 2017 00:16

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MDP Overview

The MDP system will be noted in 3 categories made up of Winning Points, Sinking Points, and Credits Earned Points. These rankings will be calculated from Sunday to Saturday (server time), with results refreshed every Sunday at 12:01 PST. The top player for each category will remain listed for 3 weeks as tribute. Players will earn Medals for each of the 3 categories at the battle result screen if they meet the minimum threshold required for the category. This will be easily seen as the following:

Category Details


A. Winning Point



This point will be received if players win the battle (should stay longer than 4 minutes in a single battle room). If a battle is won under these conditions, the player will receive the following medal at the result screen:

(Winning Point Medal)

B. Sinking Point



This point can be received if a player sinks an enemy ship. Additional points will be provided if a player sinks more ships in a single battle. In order to receive more points, players should try sinking as many ships as possible.

(Sinking Point Medal)

 C. Credits Earned Points



Points will be allotted to players for the credits earned from battle. More points will be provided as higher amounts of credits are earned.

(Credits Earned Medal)

Additional system benefits

Players who manage to show within the top 30 in the current rankings will be honored with a medal and rank displayed within the battle room.


The image above would read as:

2nd place on Winning Point; 5th place in Credit Points; and 6th place in Sinking Points


*1st in rankings will show a golden medal


This will only apply to the top 30 players in the weekly standings.<


  • Re : MDP System(Most Dominant Player)

    12. 06. 2017 01:58


This looks fun, How ever .. It is an additional work you made in a time that fixing older bugs could be more effictive dear Vinnson.
To vetren and new players from Steam.
*Submit bug is taking to long to get done, I am using task manager to get rid of it !
**Screen freez and dizzy bug is back .. game frozen with out leading to any where after a good winning game and sadly with out counting the scoure or adding the exp to the sailors is a new bug ! .. 
***I don't have Screenshot folder in my NF folder so its pointless to take screen shots ! and I don't know why .. even I've tired to reinstall it many times still the same ! Is this a bug too !

Dear Vinnson Adding fun to the game is cool stuff, but fixing the game soul it self is what will give it a breath back.
Try to make a random (Lucky hour daily with +100% more exp) this will bring back the players to the game to hunt the luck (event hunter players) !!

If you like the Idea guys +1 my comment.

  • Re : MDP System(Most Dominant Player)

    12. 06. 2017 11:26


Looks nice but you should at least give items to the top 5 players so It will be more competitive.