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  • RN gunner choice

    12. 16. 2017 08:08


Hi guys
My gunner got 42 lvl not~
I would like to choise Nelson--Lion I this line to play
Then...Should I upgrade my ginner:
1) RLD. at 42lvl then ACC. at 65?
2)ACC. at 42lvl then RLD. at65?
3)ACC. at 42 then ACC. at65?
4)RLD. at 42 then RLD at65?
thenks for ur answer~



  • Re : RN gunner choice

    12. 22. 2017 07:01


Depends a bit on the base stats & your bve status.
From what I recall (not very active these days and its been a while since I lvl'd my qv crew) your focus should be on reload, because accuracy cap is easily reached and you can gain more from the extra reload.

I think I classed my main gunners 2x rel & 1 x acc, no clue in what order (not on my pc atm)

IF; you do not have any bve (or very lightly)  id recommend leaning more towards accuracy to optimise your spread a bit.

  • Re : RN gunner choice

    12. 22. 2017 10:51

maybe is also not bad to use 2 sets gunner, 1 for low lvl classed as acc gunner and the other on t-slots classed as reload only. Later in high lvl if you reached the acc cap with the t-slot gunner you can switch and use the acc gunner as hedgehog gunner on your t-slots

  • Re : RN gunner choice

    12. 24. 2017 15:10


Unless something has changed, RN doesn't have the option of changing back and forth between accuracy and reload.

Traditionally people would get a sailor with higher accuracy (elite accuracy or 12/10) and then classify it as a reload gunner.

  • Re : RN gunner choice

    01. 18. 2018 18:17


Reload all the way and add vets to get the accuracy back up.
But as stated earlier. You can get Elite Acc gunners and then level them as reloads.
If you have the gunners already. Just make em reload and thats all you havea choice with.