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  • Any fixes for this?

    03. 03. 2018 11:18


Watch video. This has happened before, but its not until recently that it happens 1 out of 2 rooms. Then I have to restart NF again, and it happens after every other battle. Happens when in GB. HA, or any room that isn't training room. I use windows 10, and I set compatibility to windows 7. I also have already reinstalled NF, and no fix.


  • Re : Any fixes for this?

    04. 01. 2018 10:13


if you're set to win 7 compatibility then you are now suffer from the     pre-10 issues 'fix'

some have reported that the manual patch WIN XP SUPPORT helps with the crashing after each game issue 

try down loading that        
unzipping those files into the proper NFNA folders   ( MOST IMPORETANT PART OF STEP )
and see if that helps the issue 


or alternatly maybe stop the win 7 compatibility part and play straight win-10  now  ??