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  • Remove "Provide Government ID" for Account Recoveries

    11. 02. 2018 04:52

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This idea is very simple and even better, it doesnt need any coding what so ever.
So when you go and try to recover your account you need to provide an Offical Goverment ID. Let me make this simple for you, THERE IS NO REASON WHAT SO EVER TO HAVE THAT, I would like 1 very good reason for that to be issued, when i can provide many reasons why not to.
1. Idenity Theif
2. What happens if a hacker gets a hold of it, probaby 1 would happen
3. The GMs would use it for number 1
4. More personal info will be revealed, (Its no suprise that IPs are used for a General Location, but street addresses, Phone numbers, Social Secrerity numbers, no thanks)
5. If any of that happens, It is a losing battle for this company if a law suit (if done correctly) happens for any of that.

So for the better of BOTH Users and Company combined, REMOVE THIS REQUIREMENT. 


  • Re : Remove "Provide Government ID" for Account Recoveries

    11. 30. 2018 02:07


OH hey look at that, I have more things to talk about this dumb requirement for an account recovery.
6. Personal info can be used to mask a crime and pin it on someone innocent
7. Can sign up the person for unwanted spam (email, mail, or phone)
8. IT IS REQUIRED TO MAKE AN ACCOUNT NOW, ITS DUMB (just like this requirement) 

  • Re : Remove "Provide Government ID" for Account Recoveries

    01. 29. 2020 18:31


9. Old and new players wont start to play (again). For example my roommate and some friend...

  • Re : Remove "Provide Government ID" for Account Recoveries

    01. 30. 2020 04:53


ive sent around 17 support tickets to get my original account back and keep getting the run around. i said screw it and gave up. this new company is killing this game and dont even realize it. they dont pay attention to there customer base at all.