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  • Info for BB crew

    04. 28. 2019 22:00


Hi, I have bb5. 5 in Rm and ss6 in ijn. I want start Sn BB line, can someone tell me some advice for good crew? I saw some post where repairs are useless, so how many engines? 
I will buy a super premium crew, so base your answer with this info. 

Thank to all


  • Re : Info for BB crew

    05. 06. 2019 10:18


I don't think that repairs are absolutely useless, but restorers are.
I'd do 6 Eng and 2 Rep.

  • Re : Info for BB crew

    05. 10. 2019 12:08


Depends on what bass sailors you are gonna use and how many vets you are planning.
i would recommend no less than 7 eng, if u go full hero with 200 vets ish then 9

all sailors give some rep (based on repair ability) and rep caps at 280/s or 35 million true ability, so any beyond that is a waste. If you can get it without repairers then you shouldn’t level repairers. 

  • Re : Info for BB crew

    09. 22. 2019 10:42


The repairs are really important,i have 4 reps on my bb5 so they rate repair is in order 103s.