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  • help can't enter server

    08. 10. 2019 21:59


hi guys i can't enter the server i can choose whatever location i want nothing happes until i get a message login time over.

please help i played this game years ago it would be fun to play again

hmm i just tried with a wrong password and the same happens..
could it be that even though i can login this forum my account is not jet activated for the server??!!

Also any tips for old players coming back??


  • Re : help can't enter server

    08. 11. 2019 05:53


you sorted yet ?

  • Re : help can't enter server

    08. 11. 2019 19:51


nope :(

I think there is something wrong with the installation because when i fill in some random account and passwoord the same happens.

And since i can login to the website i think the account is fine (lets hope i still have al my stuf, my olive order history and everything is still present)

in the meantime i tried steam installation and the installation file from this website both instal and launch but get stuck when trying to connect to the server.
I gave every .exe file i could find in the navyfield folder administration rights and tried multiple compatibility modes nothing seems to work.

I also was trying to make a new account to test the installation but it seems they want my passpoort number phone number and all kinds of information that is dont want to give why is this??! (i tried with fake information but it does not work)

  • Re : help can't enter server

    08. 20. 2019 16:40


you have to activate your account on the kupai site, otherwise you won't get anywhere.

Account activation should be your button

old nf players;

new acc activation;

(For new accounts just use some fake numbers for ID  and tel nr)

  • Re : help can't enter server

    08. 23. 2019 03:04


I tried the link but it says my account is already activated

  • Re : help can't enter server

    08. 23. 2019 10:56


I'm having the same problem . any solutions yet ?

  • Re : help can't enter server

    08. 23. 2019 13:24


Unfortunately not :(

I will let you know if i can get it to work but i have no idea where to look

  • Re : help can't enter server

    08. 24. 2019 16:56


I've sent you a pm with info for a test account,give it a try & post the result

  • Re : help can't enter server

    08. 25. 2019 20:34


Hi flaggelant thank you for your help but i can't find the message you send me

is This the correct place to look for the message? i never used the message system.

  • Re : help can't enter server

    08. 25. 2019 22:07


So a little update i made a new account to try test my game install.

(this account can't post on the forum untill 1-9-2019 for some reason)

Unfortunately also this account is not able to connect to a server aswell.

So at the moment i suspect my game install.

However it would be nice if one of you guys can test this account to make sure it works.

the account i made for testing:
name: supern00b888  (zero's for the OO)
pass: 123456789

For people worying about sharing my information this account is made with fake email phone number ID number everything

If the sharing of account info in this scenario is considered illegal please consider the situation.

  • Re : help can't enter server

    08. 26. 2019 06:07


your 2nd acc works perfectly fine for me. (sharing accounts is allowed nowadays)

what login server do you try? and where are you from?

only notice is still 'login time is over'?

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