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  • Patch on 12-02-2020

    02. 12. 2020 13:26

Dear All

Details patch on 12-02-2020

1. Fix SN level 90 EBB turning force
2. Add Auto FCS X for New nation CHINA
3. Add H.Q. Expansion for New nation CHINA
4. Add level 125 ECV Liaoning to New nation CHINA
5. Fix HA declaration bug
6. Restrict Turtle ship, Project X-D(duck) and Blackpearl to join Blitzkrieg game mode
7. Fix some message description bug
8. Increase client stability
9. Novice Gift Pack, Supply Box system bug fixed and resumed, different coupon(s) will be given to all active players before this announcement within 24 hours, please check at the

If you failed the auto-update, please download the patch manually.

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Navyfield FleetMission Management Team