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  • can't load (or launch) aircraft when I should be able to

    02. 24. 2020 12:35


can't load (or launch) aircraft when I should be able to

I'm currently in the IJN CV Ryujo (level 55). It has a Number of Aircraft Take Off capability of 7. This means 7 can load, and launch at the same time.

Currently I have a mix of aircraft (13 fighers/11 torp/9 dive bomb), but lets focus on my fighters... I have 13 fighter aircraft and 3 Fighter Pilots (FPs)... Here is a somewhat reproducible error:

1. start match
2. on FP 1, load 6 fighter aircraft... this takes quite some time
3. While FP 1 is loading... on FP 2, load 1 fighter... this launches quickly
4. FP 2 goes out and does some scouting...
5. once I find incoming bombers I launch my FP 1 (6x fighters) to intercept
6. As soon as FP 1 launches, I load the remaining 6x fighters on to FP 3
7. since FP2 has been flying around a lot already, he runs out of fuel and returns to ship.
8. as soon as he lands I SHOULD be able to load him (while the 6x are loading on FP 3)... but I can't...

Step 8 is where the problem is at. Basically it appears that the ship doesn't "know" that a 7th fighter aircraft (and FP 2) has landed... so even though there are 7 fighter aricraft on board (6 are loading on FP 3, 1x fighter is standing by and FP 2 is open/ready to load). I can't..

9. I have to wait until the FP 3 (6x fighters) takes off until I can load FP 2 with 1x fighter... 

Can anyone else reproduce this? This also occurs on my ISE CV but with 4x FPs.

It occurs sometimes, but not always. For example a couple games ago:
1. I did steps 1- 5...
6. but my FP 2 (1x fighter) got shot down...
7. I loaded 5x on FP 3, and 1x on FP 2... I wanted to see what would happen, so..
8. I launched FP 2, I made him land... 
9. FP 3 (5x fighters) were still loading... but now I had a 6th aircraft... 
10. I tested it, and I was able to load/take off FP 2 with 1 x fighter


Thank you


  • Re : can't load (or launch) aircraft when I should be able to

    03. 14. 2020 01:31


sometimes one of the other pilots has accidentally set a aircraft to the pilot(accidentally scrolling while controlling the aircraft in the air or something like that)

so if you cant load while you should be able to, double check that any pilots not currently allready loading planes arent set to a number other than zero, while not doing anything.
(pilots that are out in the air, or not in use at all can still have a number of planes set to them in wait on your carrier blocking lift off space for other pilots)

double check & scroll all to 0, otherwise i wouldnt know