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  • Gratz new bug users fleet - Chilie fleet!

    04. 19. 2020 04:16


Congratulations to fraudsters from Flota Chilena! Now you are on a par with the bastards from Omegas, because you use the game errors in Hamburg HD. Almost all of intermediate battles were won with an APA error outside the map. In final battle, skytrain from upper border of the map was held from this CV (screen).

We never doubted the low skill of playing the Chilean fleet, today you proved that you are not only noobs, but also lamers who use bugs for imaginary victories.

Congratulations to you, a fleet of scammers and a bug users!

P. S. Also, my congratulations to the impotent people from administration NF, who cover scammers and allow you to destroy this game with impunity and use mistakes of wry-handed noobs who are not able to win, except by using exploit. The only thing you will achieve with such actions is a complete outflow of the remaining players from the game. You are not fulfilling your duties, so find yourself a decent replacement, or close the project completely. Stop disgracing yourself, you have lost all respect for yourself, because you are weak mediocrity.