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  • Paypal Charging Problem

    06. 15. 2020 09:43

Dear Captains,

There are some players reported that they did not receive the KPcoin after charging. If you are facing this situation, don't panic and don't worry. We have complete PayPal record that able to track all the charges. This maybe due to the PayPal payment portal communication delay after we upgraded the security system.
Normally you should receive the KPcoin within 30 minutes after charging

Send us a ticket if you still not yet received KPcoin after 30 minutes, we will check PayPal record and manually deliver to you. Thanks!

NavyField Management Team


  • Re : Paypal Charging Problem

    10. 08. 2020 18:17


ayer compre varios sailor super elite, mas un barco premium, el barco ves que entro al juego se va a los item, y desaparecio un gunner super elite lvl 11, pueden revisar las compras realizadas mas todos los bosteos que tambien compre... saludos y solucionen luego el problema.