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Patch and Maintenance


  • Patch on 2020-09-29

    09. 28. 2020 20:07


Details patch on 29-09-2020


Server will be down for maintenance on 29-09-2020 00:00 to 06:00 local server time

(28-09-2020 09:00 to 15:00 PST)


Game version has been changed to Veteran Version, BBCV6/6.5 are allowed to join Great Battle I


1.      Nation CN ships update


CL Yi Xian

CL Ping Hai

CA Ning Hai

CV Kiev

SS Hai Gou


2.      New Premium Ship


CN PCV Minsk [Memorial Ship]

RN PBB Anson Lv80

RN PBB Spearhead Lv85

IJN PBB Ashitaka Lv80

IJN PBB Kii Lv85


3.      Aircraft


Douglas BTD

B7A Ryusei

Barracuda Mk V

Fw190 F-8/U2

Late 299



A-1 Sky Raider

Barracuda Mk IV

D4Y Suisei

Ju 87R Stuka

LN 401


Ba 65


4.      Naval gun


Dual Barrel CN 8”/55 cal Mark 11L

Triple Barrel CN 8”/55 cal Mark 14L

Dual Barrel 14”/45 BL Mark II

Quad Barrel 14”/45 BL Mark III

Dual Barrel 16”/45 Mark III

Dual Barrel 14.2”/45 Type5

Triple Barrel 14.2”/45 Type6

Dual Barrel 16.1”/50 Type5

Since we encrypted our files, you can check for a virus check through the following link

Anti-Virus online check

If player always encounter auto-updated failed, we suggest you to using the STEAM version.

STEAM version

Navyfield Management Team