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    12. 07. 2020 08:09


I don't want to come off as offensive, but I'm an old time returning player, and see that SD Enternet is no longer running NF. With that being said, are people having a problem with viruses, stolen personal info, etc. with the new company? I'm asking because I'd really like to start playing again. Its been a while!


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    12. 10. 2020 15:53



Years I played:

Game is very stable compared to past. I have had no security issues (so far). The game is owned by Chinese company and vast majority of players are Chinese.

The company and Chinese players don't seem to have much use for this website or I don't know what majority of players have experienced regarding your concerns. 

I think most of the people who used to do that have moved onto games with better graphics, larger player base...more money for them to steal basically. 

As others have said it's really easy to level up in 2020. You can reach level 120 in  2 weeks . As the "skilled players" used to say...premium, smoke, subs, shared experience have caused a nose dive in skill. It is normal to see BB with no AA, no scouts, strait line driving, dont know their angles, noob charging, precious few can sling shot. Many CL are TW in GB. BW is normal for CV. The play style you see today is their fears come true lol. Its normal & common to see all BB lost before team gets 200k attack. Leeching is ok and acceptable as defined by the duck ships that are universal (

But it's still fun :)

Oh, and its common/normal to have 4 xbb6 in a GB

On the other hand if you can regain you playing ability from the past, you can easily farm the current players. Personally I am far off it atm, but if you are willing to put in the time...

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    12. 11. 2020 00:04


so true about cvs. what would have been abhorrent back in those days are common. i played a few games today on essex and weirdly enough havent encountered a single enemy fighter whereas it should have been massacre on battle lines or no mans sea.

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    12. 18. 2020 12:24


My account goes back to 2005, I still play just because what other title do i have that still around that i habe puit 6000plus hours into?I have crew for every ship in the game , even if they cant use the level 120 bbs and cvs yet. 

I'm mostly still around because of the memories, and for the hope to hit Tier 6 on every nation.