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  • how to armor pensa

    09. 09. 2011 15:44

the name sais it all


  • Re : how to armor pensa

    09. 09. 2011 16:41

.2 belt, bulge till just before you lose a knot of base speed.

If you wonder how to armor any other USN, MN, IJN, KM, SN ship, its also your answer.

  • Re : how to armor pensa

    09. 09. 2011 19:26

i ment AWing

  • Re : how to armor pensa

    09. 09. 2011 21:23

That's how you armoured whore it.

  • Re : how to armor pensa

    09. 09. 2011 21:27

With the 3x12" : Impossible to efficiently deck whore to bounce much more than really light caliber shells.

You get an option if you want to run 3x8". I however think it gives you a lesser incridibly slow NO-style ship.

You might want to consider the DD III engine if you have high level engies, but be warned, at level and at max disp you'll make subs look like speedboats compared to you.

You should be able to fit 8"-9" of deck if you so wish using 8" and at level crew. I'd personnaly keep the 12" and put a CV engine on it at level.

My opinion : Not worth it. As a rule of thumb, USN isnt really a nation that can AW nicely.

I'm classing this as a lol setup, that will be outperformed by the "regular" configuration. Its a bit like taking 2 guns off monty and running around at 47 knot. Funny. Doable. Not efficient.