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    09. 10. 2011 17:27

So I've been playing the Dunk since lvl 65 (was not a fan of the Normandie) and I'm 73 now, but I feel like I'm not using the Dunk for all it could be doing. I'm trying to stay back and AA and then rush when they are blind, but the lack of range just makes it very hard to get back in time. I feel lke there may be another way to play it, but I just don't know of it. Does anyone have some advice on it?


  • Re : Dunk Help

    09. 10. 2011 23:25

Dunk is only a breakthrough ship and start shinning when you know how to use it properly.

We all have been went through and suck with dunk the first time.

Dunkirque is a lurker, waiting, patrolling much more in the middle. As soon as you know the ennemy is blind, and that you are sure they are going to be blind for a while. That's when dunkirque show time.
Or when you know the ennemy really fail hard despite they see you, that's also you know when to rush.

An example of gameplay

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    09. 11. 2011 23:22

I think BB1-2 MN are better than dunkerque in that LV

I prefer DUNKERQUE when my crews are LV80

PS (before new patch)

  • Re : Dunk Help

    09. 12. 2011 08:25

+1 on richardphat's gameplay.


The Dunkerque does not really start to shine until 70+ (with good crew)
As we all know, the French Dunk has some spread issues, of course, it can be made nearly as good as the spread in richard's vid, with EBVE Acc gunners, also, make sure you have engies, as this thing has some nice speed, more than the UK Clone.

PS: My Gunners Are lvl 73 EBVE'd with 367 Experts and 180 Vets XD