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  • Olives for attendance

    06. 24. 2011 14:35

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Ok here is something that needs to be fixed.  The new getting an olive for visiting the site only works if you click more
and click on the current date.  I think this needs to be automatic like they make it sound in the description.  Please
recommend but I doubt they will actually do it anyway.


  • Re : Olives for attendance

    06. 25. 2011 23:11

They are still in development, and talking many things over. It is possible it will change to auto. But it's not hard to simply click a check mark...

Although, I wouldn't mind you being able to click the current date on the calander to bring up the calander (so you can mark the day) Or better yet, I would love to see the option to just click the date on the calander to recieve the attendance day.

And if you want to view how many days in a row you have, you can click the "more" tab and view it.