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    09. 14. 2011 01:28

i have 6 ebve km fps currently lvl 60, classed fighter pilot and i was wonder if i sould class em as ace fighter pilots straight away for wait a certain amount of lvls before classing them can someone with experience tell me the answer to my prolems.


  • Re : FPS

    09. 14. 2011 02:27

If you are planning on having over 220 vets than dont class em more. At 120 lvl they will have more crew and more space on vets and overall ability will be bigger (if fully VE). In other situations class em normally (cap will be 219 vets on level 120 I belive). Difference isn't stunning but there is some.

Im not sure of this cause I ve got only EBVE 115 lvl classed on time KM fighters and I'm perfectly happy with them. Wait for second opinion.

  • Re : FPS

    09. 15. 2011 01:15

Only problem with that is if they patch it then your left with crap ftrs

  • Re : FPS

    09. 15. 2011 05:32

Whatever they patch, the sailor will stay the same.

  • Re : FPS

    09. 15. 2011 10:40

if u planning 270+vet than dont class for ace. normal classed 210vet~~noace classed 260vet. no classing is waste of experts.