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  • DD-CA guide (Sticky again if useful)

    06. 24. 2011 19:32

I noticed that we lost all of the good guides from the old site and I (and other rookies) still needed them so I will be trying to recover as many as I can.  I hope they help This was by Lord Kelvin I think.

Honor, Courage, and Commitment: Ships of the United States Navy

01 28 2007 10:35AM    
Welcome to my guide on the ships of the United States Navy in Navy Field! This 
guide is a compilation of the knowledge of many players, new and veteran alike, and 
is always growing. If you feel that something needs to be added, simply post in this 
thread (or even better, send me a message) and I'll see if it's worth adding. I'm 
always looking for more viewpoints about the ships in the game, so don't hesitate to 
add something.

While the US is listed as being the most balanced nation in NF, many veteran players 
will say otherwise from experience. Nonetheless, the US can be a fun nation to play; 
some times you'll be very happy that you chose the US as your nation, though there 
will also be times when you'll wonder why you chose it in the first place. It's true 
that the US doesn't have any real strengths, but it also doesn't have many glaring 
weaknesses, as the other nations do.


I. Update Log

II. Contributions and thanks

III. Basics of the game

IV. Destroyers
-Gearing DDR
-DDX Project

V. Light Cruisers
-Juneau II

VI. Heavy Cruisers
-New Orleans

VII. Ship Tree Branches
Level: 55
Server: Arizona
Fleet: Taqmata
Re : Honor, Courage, and Commitment: Ships of the United States Navy
01 28 2007 10:36AM    

Guide goes live

Cleaned up spacing
Backed up all current work for an overhaul

Overhauled each section for conciseness so that it's easier to browse

Added new info on Gearing and DDX by TimmyC

New Ship Tree Branches section

Updated information regarding the Omaha, Cleveland, New Orleans, and Baltimore

Added info on Brooklyn and Cleveland about using them a


  • Re : DD-CA guide (Sticky again if useful)

    11. 12. 2011 22:33

Not bad. Helped me out so far

  • Re : DD-CA guide (Sticky again if useful)

    11. 13. 2011 01:41

If you're gonna copy something do it right ffs!!!

It has no pictures in it, so you could have just copied the info bits into seperate replies like LK did, instead you just made this long ass OP with the copy of the first page of this thread.

Do it again but the right way and make this piece of crap go away.

  • Re : DD-CA guide (Sticky again if useful)

    11. 17. 2011 05:25

Aren't all LK's guides available under the View Old Data forum??

  • Re : DD-CA guide (Sticky again if useful)

    11. 18. 2011 00:22

lol, if you want to put some guide at least copy the content only, its a mess and old guides need revision also