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  • SN SS1

    09. 18. 2011 07:31

ive been makeing acrew for this and ive noticed that i only get to turn my guys into torp men at lvl 44 and the sub is at lvl 39 will i be able to use the sub with the gunners i have now


  • Re : SN SS1

    09. 18. 2011 18:48

Well I would check to make sure, but my NF install is broken right now and doesn't have Soviet torpedo launchers listed.


I strongly recommend you delay-class your BO and torpedo men until level 44 or higher anyways. Additionally, you want to try to roll your torpedo men with 10 or 11 in torpedo, at least 11 in repair, and at least 10 in restore. You can even use an elite repairman if you want.

Keep them as soviet sailors (not neutral!) but don't class to BO/armament sailor. Also, remove ALL the crew from your SS BO. Class the BO at 49, and the torpedo men the same (when you're ready to start playing in subs, that is). If you aren't delay-classing, there's no point in using high-repair torpedo men: when you class to armament, they lose most of their repair growth.

The reasons can get complicated, but the short version is: your BOs stats aren't important, high level SS crews are too heavy to fit so you have to get rid of sailors, and the BO contributes the least to your ship's repair and restore. If you get stuck with any vets on your BO, it's weight that you lose forever with no benefits. By delay-classing your BO, he gets XP faster and you can level him and his crew on a bigger ship during levels 39-49, which means more XP per game and more fun (the SS1 is so, so very bad, and this way you can skip it).

Your torpedo men, on the other hand, are easy to cap on torpedo reload ability. By delay-classing, you reach the cap 10 or 15 levels later, but they have WAY more repair and restore, which is important since there's little room for actual repairmen on a sub.

That's probably not what you wanted to hear if you've already started your crew, but that's the best way to go. There's more detail in my KM SS crew guide: if you want to see more of the reasoning behind this stuff.

  • Re : SN SS1

    09. 18. 2011 19:07

I just realized I didn't really answer your question clearly.

What it comes down to is whether the SN SS1 torpedoes require the "Torpedo" ability or the "Heavy Torpedo" ability.

Tier 1 gunners can use guns and torpedoes, but not heavy torpedoes. So once I or someone else checks whether the SS1 torpedoes are considered heavy or not, then you have your answer.

  • Re : SN SS1

    09. 19. 2011 11:48

thank you for all the info i got zero sailoirs on BO no recruits :D SS1 aint THAT bad i usally get 20 to 40k a match with at level crew but thanks