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    06. 25. 2011 21:27

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some time back I read the mechwarrior series and in it a group known as the clans would "bid" before assaulting a planet the leaders of both forces with bid on how many and what types of forces to bring to the fight and each side would be honor bound to abide by the final bid TNF could over see the bidding and I guess all the fleet leaders would have to agree to the bidding process and what sactions could be taken against a fleet for not abiding by the the final bid it would then make the HA's more on skill and less about sheer weight of numbers and make it more involved other then saying my fleet will take your I said crazy idea let the flames begin lol
from the mind of the TwistedCop


  • Re : HA suggestion

    06. 28. 2011 06:32

not a bad idea,
but i think at this time with this game impossible to get something like that to happen.