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  • Yubari Help?

    06. 27. 2011 20:05

Hi all.  I'm somewhat new to the game but I read enough before the old forums went down to know people don't think much of the Yubari.  I saw some rather new posts about it in the old forum and even a guide but did not get to read it.  I can't find it anywhere else so if anyone has it and could repost it or at least give me tips on how to use the ship I'd be greatful.  I really like the look of the ship but I'd love to hear about it's success instead of all it's failures. 


  • Re : Yubari Help?

    06. 27. 2011 20:13

Overall, thing is somewhat crap.

Can't AA very well, its fast enough but have meh firepower.

Only reason you should use it is it got more room for crew than the DD3 to level your sailors.

Otherwise the DD3 is the better ship.

  • Re : Yubari Help?

    06. 28. 2011 21:33

For GB its almost useless except for ASW.

For Blitz though it is a good balance between R and T slots, you can have 4x 5.5" duals and still keep two torpedo launchers. The only time I use it now is to grind up a crew because any IJN BO can use it regardless of the ship tree. It is good to close the gap between DD2 and the shimakaze if you go the Kita/SS line.

If you stick to your guns and don't rely on Torps you can get decent attack. (I got over 20K in Blitz before). Use the 5.5s for better range and just start spraying shells. Also avoid BBs, your guns will most likely bounce off them getting big 0s.

Use only .3-.5 belt for anti-torpedo purposes and like 10 bulge if you don't lose any knots, that way if you get hit by a torp you may keep just shy of being crippled.

My biggest tip is don't rush because you will get mauled by a TW wait at least 20 seconds to a minute and avoid the torp walls.

My setup for Yubari (Blitz only):

Aiming FCS
4x 5.5" dual guns
no torpedoes (use the empty slots for training a crew it will help in the future trust me)
.5 belt with 10 bulge

(I am no expert so don't criticize me if I am wrong somewhere)

  • Re : Yubari Help?

    06. 28. 2011 21:43

Thanks TG484 that's what I was looking for. I appreciate the helpful tips and will consider extra slots for pilots or something.

  • Re : Yubari Help?

    06. 28. 2011 22:30

Its a big DD with a scout. With 5.5" duals it has pretty decent firepower as a low tier CL. I used to be pretty successful with it in blitz normally getting 20k+. The setup posted above is the proper one though if you are training up torpedomen there are 2 decent Tslots for torps.

As for saying its useless for AA... You are doing it wrong. I have enjoyed my second time through IJN line AAing. My first game in Yubari as AA whore and first game using IJN AA since ONF patch I had 13k pc without breaking a sweat.

The downside to it is that you will not be able to use it for long because with such a low displacement your crew will be too heavy.