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  • O-pro vs. Gneise

    12. 23. 2011 09:05

Hi all,

I know the topic about which line to choose has been discussed to death but I just want to ask a more focused question.

KM is my second nation and I don't plan to spend a huge amount of effort on it (yet, at least not until I get a BB5 on my IJN line). For this reason, I am trying to base my choice of line on which BB2 I will enjoy more, just to have fun with at level. I want it to be the ship I take out to have a fun break from my main grind.

Now, from the Speedcap Table I can see that the Genise pretty much caps at level (I am lvling 4 +11 eng and will vet/expert them to a reasonable level). The O-pro caps at roughly lvl 90 (which I am not planning to get for a long time).

However, from Panda's guide I can see the Gneise runs at 51 knots OH capped, and the O-pro at 54.

OK, apologies for the long backstory, here are my questions:

1) I think that in order to enjoy my BB2 at level, I would want to use the 3x 11"/C34 L, so I get BB3/4 range to play with. From a style point of view I think the turrets look better on the Gneisenau, but is there any reason either ship (Gnei or O-pro) would be better suited to using the 11"?

2) The O-pro is faster when capped but caps much later. Speed is very important to me as a player and I am very attracted by the KM speed/range combo. I want the fastest ship but I don't want to regret choosing O-pro if I have to grind my way to cap it. Which ship (Gneise or O-pro) is faster AT LEVEL with 4 OK but not overkill engineers?

Many thanks for future advice =)

BTW my crew is lvl 39 ATM and I am loving the M-pro =P


  • Re : O-pro vs. Gneise

    12. 23. 2011 12:03

lawlz when you get your engys to speed cap o pro you would be in your next ship :p

  • Re : O-pro vs. Gneise

    12. 23. 2011 14:34

I played through both and found them quite similar as far as performance. I'd strongly recommend the 15Ls over the 11Ls, the 11s hit like a bunch of nice poofy pillows. I also had no issues capping my OP, but I had 5 engies, all full BVE and 10 lvls above the BO.

  • Re : O-pro vs. Gneise

    12. 24. 2011 05:01

I guess changing guns is pretty easy (compared to changing ship tree) so I'll give both a try. While I have no issue with BVE-ing my KM crew in the long run if I decide I really like it, I'd rather play a BB2 that doesn't need BVE over-level crew to work how it should. thanks for the advice but I am leaning towards the Gneise at the moment.

  • Re : O-pro vs. Gneise

    12. 24. 2011 08:12

Both will play very similar as the gun setups and speed is similar on both bb's. I would reccomend looking one step farther down the bb line at BB3's as that is when KM begins to get really fun. Both the op2 and bismark are really fun and good bb's for their teir. However, the play styles for these two ships are dramatically different. The OP2 can be really fast with good engies (95+) and has amazing reaload time on the trip 15's. The bissy plays a lot like the H39 using range and slinging.

  • Re : O-pro vs. Gneise

    12. 24. 2011 09:44

I like the sound of these BB3s. I guess the way I should be thinking about it is which line would be a more different experience from my main IJN crew?

Bissy sounds as if it would play like Nagato, but I have been playing Fuso a lot recently and I think I would enjoy the range more on the Bissy route (since I don't imagine rushing in an O2 would be quite as satisfying as slapping 12 shells on someone when they aren't looking)