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  • IJN SS

    12. 25. 2011 18:19

i got a few questions for SS crew

1. What should be the composition of my crew

2. do the growth of the torpedoman mater(i heard theres a cap or something)



  • Re : IJN SS

    12. 26. 2011 21:22

Well personally i run:
1x Sonarman
1x Planesman
2x Torp (You'll only need one for front T slot in SS4/SS5)
3x Engineers* (You dont need this many 2 works)
1x Repair (Extra)

*Engineers are a must because IJN subs are REALLY slow.

Torps do cap out but as for when im not sure, still try to get some +11s

Planesman as far as i know doesn't cap, but Sonar does.

  • Re : IJN SS

    12. 06. 2012 22:04


dont bother with repairers, engies all the way

  • Re : IJN SS

    12. 28. 2012 21:30


You will want a minimum of four engies for the SS5.  Try to keep them all at the same level for best results.  I ran two sets of crews until the subs could fit them all in it.

The torpedo men do seem to cap out.  I don't know for certain how high it is, but somewhere around level 80 it no longer seemed to make a difference what skill level they were at.