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  • Better CV line?

    12. 26. 2011 16:43

Which cv line is better, Hosho or Junyo?


  • Re : Better CV line?

    12. 26. 2011 18:35

hosho because you dont have to grind that much levels till a new ship including remods,if you have less credits you could go the junyo line because there are lesser cv on that line than on hosho but i still think hosho line is better

  • Re : Better CV line?

    12. 26. 2011 20:20

hosho cause junyo turns you into a nooblol jking becuz you dont have to lose alot of sailors just to win a battle

  • Re : Better CV line?

    01. 01. 2012 15:32

i would say hosho. although when you first start out in the junyo line, you can reach new CVs at lower levels, but in the long run the remods along the hosho line beat out any base model along the junyo, although they do make you spend more money. i made the mistake of not taking hosho. junyo may be better than hosho/ryujo, but in my opinion that's the only one in that line that is.

take note for later use, whether in CV or BB. it is best to have 2 BOs so you can take two different lines and up your FP/Bs faster. if you don't want to switch between BOs all the time, power grind one; class it as a certain nation sailor, but wait til it reaches at least CV1/BB1 level and then make it a bridge operator. it may be too late, but i would take both routes, but ONLY if you have the credits to do so. if not then just go the hosho line. and if you hate all the CVs in any line, get a PCV :)

  • Re : Better CV line?

    01. 01. 2012 16:23

Shokaku (Junyo line CV5) is 2 levels sooner than the Kaga Remod. On top of that its better at dodging bombs.

And that would be the only good thing about the Junyo line.

If you want to get better CVs faster and have more fun when leveling then take Hosho.
If you're a hipster then go Junyo.

  • Re : Better CV line?

    01. 02. 2012 01:22

I would do both lines because I think IJN CVs are beautiful ships and I want to own all of them!

the way I see it:

1) Hosho line has gets CV 1-2-3 sooner

2) but Junyo line has slightly better CV 2-3 and gets true CV 4-5 sooner

3) but Hosho line has the best CV5 (Kaga remod has the most space)

I did Hosho line first, because Hiryu is at level 66, whereas Unryu is lvl 72 and not that much better. After that it seems the difference becomes smaller, but Hosho line generally has more plane space at same tier. You do waste money with remodels though.

In the end, CV depends on how good your planes and pilots are, not really the ship. So if you get to a good level by Hosho line then I think you will enjoy grinding the Junyo line more with the high level pilots.

  • Re : Better CV line?

    01. 03. 2012 08:59

I did Junyo line, and it's not as bad as it seems. Yes, the grind in that Taiho is bad but it's not like things are that much better in the other one. Plus, getting that Shokaku is really satisfying (plus you're unique because not many people have that ship).
There isn't much difference though.. Write down junyo on one slip of paper, hosho on another. Throw them up, pick one, and ta da. You've made a great choice :)

  • Re : Better CV line?

    01. 03. 2012 09:22

i have kaga (pre remod) and shokaku and i hated with a passion the taiho and found the hosho line a lot nicer and a closer target to aim for a remod than a new ship.

i have 8FP and 8DB so normally the planes were 'at level' and not too far in advance of the ship, but going both lines means that you can have 8 FP and 8 bombers OR you can have a mix at a higher level than your BO. either way works.

  • Re : Better CV line?

    01. 03. 2012 17:29

I am a casual player who has found that I like playing a cv more than any gunship. I liked the hosho line besT, but I would wait to get dive bombers with it as opposed to torp bombers as you will have better luck with the dive bombers against larger ships.