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  • 2 bos sn

    01. 15. 2012 21:20

I had played this game before and now I came back a couple of days ago and wanted to try something new
so i started a new account with SN.
I decided to create 2 bos so my gunners would be ahead in lvls and all that
but I ahve a question now... is it ok if both my bos go the same line in the ship tree or is it like a waste?
i have a crew for an eventual bb6 but i dont know if i should follow the same line in the ship tree with both bos 


  • Re : 2 bos sn

    01. 16. 2012 03:43

yes its ok but its also a waste since going the same line, same ship also... let you other bo go on different line so you could try the ships that on the other line

  • Re : 2 bos sn

    01. 16. 2012 10:05

thanks for answering
so basically I just keep going through the bb line but when i get to choose between some different ships, like the svetlana or the bogatyr i choose one with each bo? same with gangut and izmail?
problem there would be if i didnt like one of the other lines i still would have to lvl both bos...
also.. am i supposed to keep lvling both BOs for ever or should i change to lvling only one when tehres enough lvl difference between my BO and my gunners?

  • Re : 2 bos sn

    01. 20. 2012 16:00

Yes, use different ship lines. Buy the PBB when you get to the lvl and use both BOs on it.