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  • SOPA/ Protect IP

    01. 17. 2012 13:22

Just wondering if NF website would protest against this law/bill.
Several large web giants like Google, Mozilla, Mojang (Company that made minecraft), including Wikipedia
is planning to shut down their websites for a day in protest of the bill. Just wondering wat you guys think :3 

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  • Re : SOPA/ Protect IP

    01. 17. 2012 13:46

Piracy is the true "GREEN" way to live.

  • Re : SOPA/ Protect IP

    01. 17. 2012 15:53

Originally Posted by AndrusN

Piracy is the true "GREEN" way to live.

Its not that these guys "Really support" piracy.

They are against the method they are going to use to do it. Such as for something like a link to a copyright infringing video could have an entire site closed down.

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    01. 18. 2012 11:50

Internet Communism....How Unfortunate...

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    01. 18. 2012 18:05

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    01. 26. 2012 16:52

SOPA/PIPA is shelved for now, but there is something much, much scarier. ACTA (Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement).

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    01. 26. 2012 23:22

This sort of thing will never go away.

China has thier "great firewall" and everyone is laughing at them, why shouldn't the US have a great firewall? Surely that will prevent the metric system infiltrating the leaders of the free world.

I support net neutrality. There is no reason to kill the messenger. Fight your own fights.. or not. Don't just decide you own the Internet and tell people what they can/can't do with it. I feel sorry for people whose government dictates who they can or can't communicate with.

The proposed US legislation is/was idiotic, but then again so are the people it was targeted at.
Originally Posted by ciscodelorum

Internet Communism....How Unfortunate...

Despite your avatar, you clearly don't understand communism, or don't understand the bill.

  • Re : SOPA/ Protect IP

    01. 31. 2012 12:38

ACTA (Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement) is, like previously stated, worse. Not only will its reach extend beyond the internet, but it's NOT EVEN BEING VOTED ON BY DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED OFFICIALS. Sign the petition to have this trade agreement put through the Senate, like the constitution says it needs to be.!/petition/please-submit-acta-senate-ratification-required-constitution-trade-agreements/VgZJGZMt