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  • Common AA Guns

    01. 22. 2012 05:41

What  AA Guns are commonly used for IJN and what are the GAs for them?

Just started an IJN BB Line and missing that info

Thanks Upfront as always


  • Re : Common AA Guns

    01. 22. 2012 06:00

4.7" and 6.1" A are the most common guns used on IJN ships.

Their GA is 27.

Personally i sometimes use the 3.6" or 5" A on CVs (because they can use both HE and AA) and their GA is 36.

Also never ever use the 5" guns that look like the 4.7" because while they have better reload and damage they also have about half their range and unlike the other 5" they can't use HE shells..

  • Re : Common AA Guns

    01. 22. 2012 09:42

Also, you may want to read up on delay classing your AA/DP gunners.

  • Re : Common AA Guns

    01. 23. 2012 04:43

For armament sailors (dont class them to aa-gunners until lvl ~80) the best gun is the 3.9"/ 65 Type 98 D, good reload damage and range, GA is 39. I hope this helps.

  • Re : Common AA Guns

    01. 23. 2012 04:53

Thanks Guy's, this helped alot indeed.
IJN AA seems to be very nice and i can only suggest for all lower Tier BBs to use it as it will give You the XP needed for the long Grind up :)

  • Re : Common AA Guns

    01. 24. 2012 18:33

Ironically, IJN has one of the worst T slots for BB until yamato onwards with the exception of the Prem ships.