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  • DVD getting 'horizontal digital lines' solving it?

    03. 18. 2012 10:55


Hi, I ordered a boxed set of DVDs off ebay. Everything looks fine and factory made (not pirate copied), although it states on the box/dvd cases/dvds that they are for region 1 (USA). Im in the UK which is region 2.

Yet they still play, although the first season appears to be fine, the 8th and newest season of NCIS gets these 'digital horizontal lines'. Ive read up what I can about it, but it appears it is to do with the encoding, which I guess if these are region 1 and im trying to play them on region 2, could be the issue?

AFAIK they shouldn't be able to play at all. but they do, perfectly fine, apart from these lines. Is there anyway I can get rid of them, or should I just send the DVDs back? It only happens on faster images of movement. I use VLC player to watch them.

I did watch them on an actual DVD player, but the wuality was grainy but still with the lines. I watched them on a not so great pc, they played better with no graininess, but had the digital lines as well as appeared to have the digital 'blockyness' to it at times of medium speed movement of images.
Tried on mine, and it is pretty much just the digital lines...

So Im unsure if it is the DVDs or what I am playing them on? I dont get this problem with region 2 specific DVDs. 


  • Re : DVD getting 'horizontal digital lines' solving it?

    03. 18. 2012 20:52


Possible to have the serial number and model ?

  • Re : DVD getting 'horizontal digital lines' solving it?

    03. 18. 2012 23:45


Every now and then I would get weird glitches with videos or DVDs. 

Usually when I use VLC it works beautifully (this is a computer program)

if you'd like to give it a try and let me know :

You may need to get a codec from them,

I hope this helps!


  • Re : DVD getting 'horizontal digital lines' solving it?

    03. 19. 2012 01:46


''serial number and model'' Of the DVDs, of my PC, or of the DVD player?