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  • How to crew the Emerald

    03. 19. 2012 14:36


Hey everyone, i'm pretty much a noob to this game, so sorry if my questions are a little stupid.

I just got the Emerald, which i am happy to hear is a good ship. However, i don't really know the best way to crew it, since i still barely understand what all of the different crew do. So far i mostly use Accuracy gunners for the guns, and they have a mixture of engine, restore, and repair for the support crew. I have never really tried using anti-aircraft guns, and i'm nopt sure how i can get the scout plane on the ship, so any advice would be extremely helpful. 


  • Re : How to crew the Emerald

    03. 20. 2012 01:25


First you will have to decide on what you plan to pursue: BB? CV? SS? UK SS and CV users are somewhat a rarity (because they are considered weak) so its safe to assume you're going BB.


Honestly, you'll outlevel the Emerald in a few days and what you already have will be sufficent for GB AAing.



The final build of the RN BB line has 14 slots. You may  need to create (or roll new sailors) more sailors, to complete the list as follows:

1 BO

2 Gunners

1 Scout

plus 7 Engineers, 3 Repairers

or 8 Engineers, 2 Elite Boosted Repairers.

These crews will give you a very long OH time, with a nice repair rate. You will not need any Restorer later on, because RN will reach 900SD easily later on (Restorer = more SD; 900 is the max for any nation). Using AA gunners, you will have to drop some Engineers to make room for them. Scout pilots can be only loaded on support slots.

Here are some links to read for more info: