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  • Aerial Warning Sets for CV3+

    07. 04. 2011 11:14

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Having driven Cv's for quite awhile now, I've noticed that it can be difficult to intercept enemy aircraft because 1) you are
distracted by something else and fail to see enemy bombers/scouts, or 2) teammates fail to warn CV's in time about
approaching aircraft.  So what I propose is this: Aerial Warning Sets that can be fitted to CV3 and up.  They would have
various capabilities depending on the type of Set equipped, as well as having a detection range that increases as you
equip higher quality sets.  Using the size of the square on the minimap when fully zoomed out as a basis, here are the
examples of each set and it's capabilities:

Aerial Set I (CV3):  Detection range of 2 squares high by 1 square wide, reveals enemy aircraft.
Aerial Set II (CV4):  Detection range of 2X2 squares, reveals type of enemy aircraft (S/F/A/B).
Aerial Set III (CV5 and PCV):  Detection range of 3X2 squares, reveals your own aircraft.
Aerial Set IV (CV6):  Detection range of 3X3 squares, reveals all aircraft (including teammates).

Note that the higher Sets will have the capabilities of weaker Sets (Set III would also have same function as
Sets I and II).

A big plus to a CV boasting an Aeral Warning Set: every teammate would see the aircraft as well, NOT just the
CV driver.  This would allow everyone to take the proper counter measures (evasion/smoke/manual AA).  Any comments
are appreciated; however, please refrain from making vague comments such as "this idea sucks/this idea is cool".
Specify WHY it's a good idea/bad idea, as it gives me better insight to other players thoughts.  Thank you for any and
all feedback.


  • Re : Aerial Warning Sets for CV3+

    07. 04. 2011 11:34

Interesting concept, but it might get a little confusing with planes on the minimap (that's what I assume it's for).
It might also get annoying for BBs (and SSes, of course) who don't want/need to know about those planes (cause they don't AA :O).
I'm going to assume type identification would work with each type being a different colour, which would probably add to the confusion factor, although the range limitation would probably reduce that somewhat.

It could be changed so that only 1 plane is displayed to represent a squadron to reduce confusion.

Alternate suggestion: have enemy squadron leaders show up on the minimap automatically, as long as they are within 50% of the visual range of ships (and ships only).

  • Re : Aerial Warning Sets for CV3+

    07. 04. 2011 14:33

I had another idea:

You hear 'aircraft in sight' when you see planes.
Why not just do a range of 1-2 screens, and when enemy planes are nearing yours you see and hear

Enemy planes approaching squad ......

  • Re : Aerial Warning Sets for CV3+

    07. 04. 2011 14:49

Why CV3+?

Other than that, interesting suggestion.

  • Re : Aerial Warning Sets for CV3+

    07. 05. 2011 08:37

Originally Posted by zstsz
Why CV3+?

Other than that, interesting suggestion.

I feel that CV1 and CV2 are support carriers whose role is to backup larger CV's, htus why CV3 and up would get the Aerial Sets. CV1/CV2 have fighters on standby so that when CV3+ spot enemy planes, they can be intercepted that much quicker.

@Dudeathome I should really refrain from making a post while sick, as I tend to omit various things. All ships (aside from CV's) would have the option of disabling the info they recieve from CV's (so the minimap isn't as cluttered.) The aircraft would be one color (dark red for enemy, dark blue for friendly), but they would be listed by type (ie. if you spot a B incoming, then it's dive bombers). Each dot would also represent a squadron of planes rather than individual aircraft.

@Rick5000 That sounds fairly reasonable (I personally would prefer an air raid siren sounding for 2 seconds or so, but then many players would find it annoying and disable it).

Thanks for the feedback. If you come up with more ideas, don't be afraid to post them. Who knows, maybe we'll be fortunate enough to see such a change.......