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  • Guide to USN CV's by AVCM_gates

    06. 22. 2011 07:25

This topic was originally made by AVCM_gates on the old forums

(I was the original author of this post way back in the day when I was xCaptainx. I
traded accounts and this Guide became more and more idle and needing revision. I
had it unsticked so I can re-post it and edit it to be more suitable. Thankfully I saved
the edited pics of the CVs. ^^)

Welcome to United States Naval Academy. Today's training will involve all five tiers of
the United States Carriers, their roles, and their capabilities. So, sit down class, and
take a deep breath.

First, you should learn by heart that a CV's role is anti-Carrier operations. If your
team can carry the air, it usually means that the surface ships can carry the battle.
Though, this isn't always true, it's always a good idea to try your best at it.

Before we even dive into the CVs, we're going to discuss the types of planes you'll
be using, and how to properly handle them.

Fighters - Any good CV player will know that it takes atleast 4 fighter pilots to cover
a hemisphere. You could be a CV1 with 4 Lv 40 fighter pilots, put them all up and get
them chewed up, and your team will still thank you for it. (Though, they may not
voice it.) At Lv 40, your fighters should strictly be chasing down scouts and avoiding
enemy fighters. At mid Lv. 65-75, your fighters should be less afraid of enemy
fighters. Though, not powerful enough to take on heavy enemy fighters, they can
chew through scouts, bombers and equivelent (CV's 1-3) fighters. At high level 90+,
your fighters should be strictly on an interceptor role, attacking enemy fighters,
pushing into the opposing BB line and aiding BBs. While I belive that fighters are
NOT scouts, and shoud not be put into the line of AA fire, they should be worked into
the enemy lines. Harassment is key at this point.

Dive Bombers - They work well at any level, and are great starter bombers. A BB aid
in that they strike immediate damage, though, against armored or upper tier BBs
(BB4/5/6), they won't typically be the knock out punch, unless they're already
damaged. Short ranged in that they are easily spotted, easily eaten with AA. A
skilled DB player will seek ONLY capital ships and try to strike already damaged ones.

Torpedo Bombers - A long range craft in that, at high levels, are entirely AAW
immune, meaning they can fly low and mess with a player's ability to AA them down.
This makes them quite useful for peircing enemy lines and doing heavy amounts of
damage in waves of 8-9, sinking a capital ship in 2 waves of them. Because they are
going past the enemy's front line, it means that they won't be escorted by fighters
and must be micro-managed. If you can take out the enemy's biggest CV in 2 waves
of planes, you're sitting pretty.



The Bogue, a CVE by all rights and means, was used in the war primarily for Anti-
Submarine operations. Well, since you're unable to sink the NF Imaginary subs in
this game, I suppose we should go with the Bogue's secondary role - Fighter
support. Until submaries are added, anyway. ^^

The Bogue has the 2nd lowest aircraft space of all the Carriers in Navy Field. With
only 1560 aircraft space, you're going to end up carrying roughly 15 Dive Bombers.
With 15 as your max load, you're going to get eaten faster than an Oyodo in a CV
war. So, if you're smart, and in a fleet, borrow some Fighter pilots until you have 4
on station, or, even better, raise your own. Equip your 4 pilots, then load on as
many fighters as you can, roughly about 20. With this done, get ready for your Great
Battle fights.
Now that you have the proper fighters equipped, it's time to fight. And fight hard.
Pick out the biggest Battleship on your team, preferably a Tier 4 or 5, such as an
Iowa or Yamato. Follow this thing around like your it's lost little puppy about a
screen to a screen and a half back from it. Put up fighters constantly, even if they
get eaten by enemy fighters, wait for your BB to pick them off with AA, then re-
launch new squadrons.
The fighters will down some of the incoming Dive Bombers and Torpedo Bombers.
Congratulations. The Battleship loves you, and doesn't think you're rather worthless.
You'll also notice that the Bogue's small size and decent turn radius makes it a
compact fighting tool. If you've loaded only fighters and putting them up for BBs,
you'll need to be dodging not only shells, but, more in particular, Dive and Torp
bombers. To avoid Torpedo bombers, as they dive down to begin their run,
turn /into/ the torpedo bombers.
Not only will this give you a chance to AAW down some bombers before they
release, ontop of that, it'll increase the chance that the torpedos will be too close to
be armed and bounce off your hull. Lastly, this will have th


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    06. 22. 2011 10:54

God bless you mailman. I needed to see this again.

Why are you not on Kaiser anymore? We used to joke around, then my career went into coma...

Back on topic, this guide is very instrumental to those who want to lvl a USCV. Thanks for reposting.

  • Re : Guide to USN CV's by AVCM_gates

    06. 22. 2011 18:18

I cant believe this is the only thing left.

  • Re : Guide to USN CV's by AVCM_gates

    06. 22. 2011 23:55

thanks for posting it here mailman.
about the old forums data, i cant use the search option in the old forums :(

anyone else having the same issue?

  • Re : Guide to USN CV's by AVCM_gates

    06. 23. 2011 12:09

Should also move some of LK's guides over too..

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    09. 01. 2011 23:03

this guide its useful in some things but way to old in the most part... im considering about making a guide miself and post it... maybe next month

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  • Re : Guide to USN CV's by AVCM_gates

    09. 27. 2014 16:14


Question :

Which lv will make the FP have an absalute "Air Superiority" power?

was it 105 or 115..? i know its either both,

EBVE FP lv100 130 vets

  • Re : Guide to USN CV's by AVCM_gates

    09. 29. 2014 18:40


Please note that cv6 can start 14 planes currently, which is not eaven listed correctly on the nf home page. So if you see one throwing 14 planes into the air, hes not cheating.