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  • KM range including 11"L

    08. 08. 2012 20:28


Deleted by accident when updating


  • Re : KM range including 11"L

    11. 08. 2012 15:57


Terrible spread will give you more range... Actually by improving the spread of H44 with the latest update it got range is less. But thats with 120 gunners. And if you dont notice the extra range you are doing it wrong because even with the slight reduction you still range everything outside of BB6.

  • Re : KM range including 11"L

    11. 09. 2012 08:45


H44 obviously has more range. It's just the fact range jumps with H39 mostly cover each other with H39 having the benefit of lower angles.

  • Re : KM range including 11"L

    02. 05. 2013 22:19


question... where would the molt guns fit?

  • Re : KM range including 11"L

    02. 06. 2013 00:36


Kusts are well short of the RM AD range

  • Re : KM range including 11"L

    03. 02. 2014 04:12


where would the opro I and II ?

  • Re : KM range including 11"L

    07. 16. 2014 07:33


So bissy with 14.96" duals outranges KM AD? but AD has an extra suport slot.

I'm trying to figure out if I should use bissy or AD until H39 

  • Re : KM range including 11"L

    07. 16. 2014 11:29


Bismark is... the most amazing BB3 in game.  SO much fun.  But, an extra support slot, MUCH smaller hitbox, and (i think) better turning and speed from the AD is hard to pass up.


Bismark will teach you how to play H39+ (KM BB style).  AD will get you to H39 faster... without much skill.  So, you'd have to learn KM BBstyle in H39. 


Richard, did you ever test the Stalin?  I'd love to see a range/spread comparison between stalin and H39.

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