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  • XP for Scouting

    07. 13. 2011 00:39

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I think more lower lvl cv's and ships would scout if they could gain XP through the amount of time their over the enemy spotting
this would solve games where no one scouting except just a few


  • Re : XP for Scouting

    07. 14. 2011 00:37

I doubt whether SDE want to do that and if it is possible to do, technically.

It is really hard to evaluate a player's performance during the battle by the software itself.

but I like this suggestion. at least it can give experience based on performance (kind of) but not only on ship level and attack value.

  • Re : XP for Scouting

    07. 14. 2011 01:12

I do agree in the fact that scouting is totally undervalued in terms of rewards (credits, point or XP) with respect the importance of scouting within the game. A lot of times the outcome of a battle is determined by the scouting, so let's reward the players who effective scout of their opponents. (Similar games like "world of tanks" do reward scouting)
In order to give scouting the place it deserves, I believe this feature need to be on top of the list of things which needs to be implemented.

  • Re : XP for Scouting

    07. 15. 2011 02:54

Originally Posted by TheScarecrow
Originally Posted by Admiralhokek
yep xp for scouting by ftrs or scouts its good idea. I should it could work, becouse now we have too many useless noobs on bw cvs which leach on other cvs and on other teammates

A CV is NOT a glorified scout ship designed to cover for your lack of skill. It amazes me that BBs expect CV drivers to micromanage half a dozen flights at once and yet cannot manage to control ONE measly little plane... cmon admiral.


i agree with this, but only to an extent.

when i drive my bb, i do my best to manage my scout so that it doesn't splash. its alot easier to do that if you have a t5 scout though. Still, even with my T5 scout, I have run out of scout planes on my bb and have requested that a CV scout for me. Usually when i ask (i mean Ask, not ridicule or insult), somebody manages to get a scout to the area.

But on the other hand, there is a reason i run out of scouts in some of these games. Sure, i may launch not realizing i'm swarmed with enemy FP at the time because i'm more focused on the enemy BB line, and i'll take the blame for that all day long. BUT in such circumstances, if my CV cannot compete with these enemy FP, then they need to adjust their altitude, and drag them to the enemy BB line. So, if nothing else, said CV will have a better chance at killing an enemy BB's scout.

So, with all this being said, I usually run a FW CV. I notice higher winning rates when i do so because I provide vision for my BB's, and attempt to keep the enemy blind. And considering the fact that nearly EVERY BATTLE somebody gets their panties in a wad and starts to complain about their CV not providing vision, I think it would be an excellent idea to provide extra incentive to CV's who do scout. Doing so would increase the amount of CV's attempting to provide vision, and lessen the argument of those who wish to rant and preventing the flaming from discouraging CV drivers from bringing out their CV's.

  • Re : XP for Scouting

    07. 15. 2011 13:52


we need to reward this action to encourage CV players to show the enemies.


  • Re : XP for Scouting

    07. 20. 2011 06:29

In the other game, scouts are rewarded by receiving a percentage of credit for damage done to things only they see.

So if your a DD and you are spotting a BB that your friendly BB wouldnt normally be able to see you would get say 5% credit for the damage done by friendly BB. Friendly BB would still get his 100%

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