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    07. 13. 2011 07:32

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So i was thinking instead of  a smoke bomb you could produce a smoke screen out your funnels that would block sight and hinder the accuracy adjustment as smoke bombs do know,
To counter this problem you would have to move a scout to the other side of the smoke screen.
The smoke screen could last for ten sec then slowly disappear.
The smoke could have a cannister or bar that would give you a gauge of how much oil you have left to produce smoke, this could work the same as smoke bombs and a bomb would be a cannister that could last for 3 sec.
I think this would work well because as you rush the smoke is behind you and  isn't effective but as you turn and retreat it masks you.

As for submarines they could retain the smoke bombs.
I belive they did have a form of smoke bomb but they were made using toxic chemicals that would be hazards to the crew but as a sub this wouldnt effect them.

Look forward to hearing some variations on this idea.
I found this website on WW2 smoke screens


  • Re : Change Smoke

    07. 21. 2011 06:40

The problem with smoke is there is no 'cost' to use it. Every weapon should have something one gives up in order to reap its benefits. A 'cost' as it is.

I would propose, and have in other venues, that smoke block sight for those trying to see in and those trying to see out. This would be a simplified representation of how smoke ought to work and put a cost to its use.

  • Re : Change Smoke

    07. 21. 2011 07:06

Originally Posted by ozzy0
lol i see it now a kita rushing and making a smoketrail
that will move to its team side slow and stady for 30 sec great cover for rushing bb

People are going to be abusing that like they already do now. EVERYONE is going to be using this smoke trail and the whole map is going to be nothing but smoke, which is already happening now.

  • Re : Change Smoke

    07. 21. 2011 12:04

I agree with everything that make NF more realistic. In term of strategy and tactics I mean

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