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  • Mr. Boom's IJN BB Guide

    07. 14. 2011 20:23

IJN BB Guide

I am writing this guide, because I see a lot of random questions about the IJN BBs. So here is a simple guide of IJN BBs. I also do not own an Ise, so I will not comment on that ship.

Order of Appearance

12.2"L vs 14"N
14"L vs 16"D
Super Yamato

IJN Crew

Amagi Crew: 14 Sailors, 3 must be 120 (BO and 2 Gunners), 11 must be 115+.


1 BO - The Potential does not matter, as you will remove recruits anyway.
2x Gunners - Try to get at least 11/11 gunners, Acc/Rel will cap anyway.
2x DP Gunners - 11/11 Will do fine, Keep as Arm. Sailors until 62.
3x Reps - Try to get +12 Repair,and + 11 Restore, it all adds up.
4x Engineers - Try to get +12 Engineer, and +11 in Repair/Restore, it all adds up.
1x Scout - Always need a scout.

Optional for the 14th Sailor.

1x Seamen - It might be good to use, incase you have an IJN CV.
1x Restore - It might be good if you want high SD on a CV.
An extra Repair - Always good to have more repair.
An extra Scout - It great to have 2 scouts in a 1v1.


Arm - armament
Acc - Accuracy
Rel - Reload
Rep - Repair
Eng - Engineer

DP Gunners

Personal opinion, is if you BVE your DP gunners, the Level you class them will not
matter,at levels 90+


Kongo Support Slots - 5, On Board - 5

The Kongo is the IJN's one and only, BB1. This ship is decent for a BB1. The Spread of
the Kongo is managable with BVE gunners, but without BVE you will have, along with any
other ship/nation, a terrible spread, and a terrible grind.

The Kongo is best used with the level 67 14" N's. These guns allow the user to have a
little more range, and a lot more firepower. The other set of guns for the Kongo (Which
you should use unless you have high level gunners) is the 12.2" which is available at
level 56. These guns are the ones you should use on the Kongo at level.

The 12.2" guns allow the user to carry a lot of ammo, and weigh less than the 14" guns.
The Kongo is best used as a ninja ship, where you follow people and wait for the right
time to rush. If your still at level, be careful of where your position is. Always try to
zig zag and fling your shells for that little extra amount of range.

If you have decent DP (Dual Purpose) gunners, then the Kongo has enough T space to fit the
4.7" I recommend using the Anti Air, because the Kongo has decent AA slots. The Kongo has
6 T slots to its name, 3 on each side.

The Kongo is a decently fast ship. When you hit the speed cap, which is easy to do with
BVE, you should be going 42 knts. This speed allows you to get in range fast, and out of
range just as fast.

The Kongo in its own class, its a decent BB1. It has the speed, and range to perform well
against other BB1, but asking it to do more, is pushing it, and remember the Kongo is a
BB1, Play it like one.

14"N vs 12.2"L

The level 67 14"N guns have a marginal range advantage over the level 56 12.2"L.

As you can tell, the range's overlap. This means with a bad spread, you may not see the
advantage of using the 14"N. The 14"N has slightly more damage than the 12.2"L. From my
Calculations and testing, I believe the 14"N has roughly 400 more shell damage than the
12.2". This is honestly a great amount of difference. For the 8 shells that is being
fired from your guns, that's 3,200 damage that could, or could not be effectively hitting
your target.

The 14"N and the 12.2"L have different angles. The 12.2"L has an angle of 45 degrees,
while the 14"N has an Angle of 43 degrees. This small amount of degrees can be the
difference from ranging a chasing ship, to just falling short. The 45 angle is in all
retrospect the better angle, since the higher angle allows a user to punch threw deck and
better for running.

Depending on what your style of play is, the 43 is better for rushing, while the 45 angle
is best for running.


Fuso with 14"

Fuso with 16"

Support Slots - 6, On Board - 5

The Fuso is one of two IJN BB2's. The Fuso, in popular opinion, is known to be the better
of the two BB2's. The Fuso with any setup is a deadly force in a Great Battle. The 12
Shells of Terror put fear in many BB3's and higher.

The Fuso is played roughly the same as a Kongo. Sneak into range, and pummel anyone that
is in range. Ninja is the key, if the enemy can't see, even 12, 14" shells will hurt. Try
to sling shot all of your shots, because the range is still short, and you are only a BB2.

The Speed of the Fuso ranges between levels. When I first got my Fuso, I had it going 44
knts. As you level the speed of the fuso will drop by 2 knts, and ultimately, be the speed
cap for the Fuso, at 42 knts. This 42 knts is very deadly, and decent for a BB2. If you
are using the 16"D (Your gunners need to be level 79 or higher) Then your speed is only
going to be 39 knts. That is the cap with 16"D.

The Fuso is a deadly BB2, the gun placement ( 3 Front, 3 Back) allow you to evenly spread
your shots, and is a great force. Play your Fuso like a BB2, Don't expect to own
everything, because it still is about luck.

16.1"D vs 14"L

The 16.1"D's and the 14"L's is the most important decision for your IJN BB2 career.

Unlike the 14"N and 12.2"L , the 14" and 16.1" have a very noticable difference of range.

The range is a great bit noticeable, and will cause a difference in range.

The damage output between these two guns, is very noticeable as well. The 16.1"
is extremely more powerful than the 14". From the tests that i have done, I have come
to the conclusion that the 16" has roughly 1300 more damage per shell, than the 14".
During the battle this will show. This damage difference ca


  • Re : Mr. Boom's IJN BB Guide

    08. 07. 2011 23:15

Originally Posted by OttoReinhold

Originally Posted by aingeal
Once you know you got enough rep to hit the rep cap

Is it even possible to hit the rep cap with less than IJN 4 repairers?!

Another question I'm pondering right now is, if a 4 engineer 3 repairer crew with a decent seaman would actually be better than a 5/3 crew. But I simply don't understand the formulas well enough to calculate it for myself.

For IJN : the repair cap is impossible to reach unless you give AA up, or run 3 engies pretty much. Both of which are a BAD idea in my mind. Unless, like boom, you BVE those engies to 200+, its just not going to work very well.

I doubt 4/4 setup hit it unless they BVE the rep like crazy.

My statement was more of a general one concerning all nations.

About seaman, I have to say there are MANY discussions, tests and hypothesis on them. Some say their tests yield a certain result, then another come and claim the opposite.

I know boom uses one, he is the only successful player I know of that does so. I also know many FW CVs use one, and that it makes a good difference there.

But the exact mechanic about it : beat me.

Does it add its own ability? so even if your supports are crap, it gives a fix ammount? Or does it use its ability to determine a % of ability boost to give, out of your support ability? So that if your support are crap, bonus also is?

Does it gives a bonus to ALL sailors? Or only to the sailors in the same part of the ship as he is? (Ship slot/support slot) Is there some ability he doesnt touch? Mainly OH speed, how does it fit in it, without applying a penalty due to the formula used that decrease each engies part in determining it, the more you add them? (My guess would be if it impacts OH, it doesnt impact the speed itself, but impact the engies. So each engies gives a % more of their true ability. Or it doesnt change it at all and only impacts OH time)

I suppose I could try and install the test server, and go make a few tests. it would be easy to check somewhat.

Find the point where a certain number of engies are JUST about to hit the speed cap, then add a seaman. Check result. Vary levels to see the impact, since test server doesnt allow you to vary base I think.

Then, run a OH time test with 3 engies, 4 engies, and 3 engies + seaman 4 engies + seaman.

Make sure all engies are exactly the same. Check if its a constant ammount that was added, or a same %.

  • Re : Mr. Boom's IJN BB Guide

    08. 08. 2011 01:19

Originally Posted by aingeal
I suppose I could try and install the test server, and go make a few tests. it would be easy to check somewhat.

Hm, if it's that easy maybe i'll try that too. Although I have never tried to use the test server.

  • Re : Mr. Boom's IJN BB Guide

    08. 08. 2011 01:24

Originally Posted by OttoReinhold

Originally Posted by aingeal
I suppose I could try and install the test server, and go make a few tests. it would be easy to check somewhat.

Hm, if it's that easy maybe i'll try that too. Although I have never tried to use the test server.

Try to catch ljsevern or richardphat if you got question about it.

Angus725 is also a tester, but I haven't seen that troll around lately. He normally lurks around IJN forum tough.

Spread some trollbait and he should appear :)

  • Re : Mr. Boom's IJN BB Guide

    09. 08. 2011 07:45

If you can roll 12/12 engie
Using ellite repairs as gunners.

Some sort of 12/12/12 DP gunners

a 14/12, 15/12 BO, or something that close

Ellite repair.

Ellite repair power lvl as scout.

Then we can talk about repair cap.

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    10. 12. 2011 15:13

Request Re-Sticky please

  • Re : Mr. Boom's IJN BB Guide

    10. 12. 2011 15:43

What did you edit today?

  • Re : Mr. Boom's IJN BB Guide

    10. 12. 2011 21:42

Originally Posted by angus725

What did you edit today?

He was missing a comma somewhere.

Seriously, curious as well, I didn't notice any major changes.

  • Re : Mr. Boom's IJN BB Guide

    10. 12. 2011 21:49

I updated my change log.....

I was annoyed that the Yamato picture showed 39knts when it can go 40 knts.......

  • Re : Mr. Boom's IJN BB Guide

    02. 22. 2012 03:47

is required to use the Fourteenth support sailor for amagi?

or i can drive it without him?


  • Re : Mr. Boom's IJN BB Guide

    02. 22. 2012 12:34


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