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    12. 14. 2013 23:14

I've seen this ship less than a handful of times, can anyone tell me their results using it? Is it any good?


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    12. 25. 2013 14:26


Originally Posted by phantom3553

Originally Posted by steve_nichol

keep hearing ppl talking about lvl 101 guns. I cant find any. Find lvl 100 18" mark II N and lvl 110 18" both trip barrels. Is there another set of guns not in info chart on website. I just put lvl 100 guns on term and cant load ammo not enough space. gunners just hit 100. Help or are my gunners just to heavy? i have them maxed on experts and around 120 vets.

you just answered your question, level your gunner to 101 and the gun itself can be found above the phh in the list its 18" Mark II BL

btw its in the website component also... under the game info... its colored in green text under UK trip guns you won't miss them

Yep <<< feels like a retard. I was looking for them in the lvl area of other 18" guns doh. Why would i look at begining of list lol. Thanx for help only about 300k exp til 101

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