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  • Vanguard 1946.. Whats the point

    12. 23. 2013 10:54


Looking through all the EBBs to pick from, im puzzled as to the point of the vanguard 1946.

Most of the other EBBs have something special about them (more support slots, otherwise unusable guns on that hull etc). With the vanguard apart from more hitpoints i dont see any advantage over the base version, not enough room to fit other guns, no additional support slot (though its still UK so 8).

Reason im asking is im looking for a nice high lvl UK ship to drive and hate both the L1 and L2. But if the Vanguard EBB is just more of the same i suppose ill stick to the base version.

So what if anything am i missing about this ship ?



  • Re : Vanguard 1946.. Whats the point

    12. 31. 2013 05:31


Originally Posted by axyarthur

The actual damage of the guns is not just the He damage. It's He + kinetic part, and the kinetic part depends on many factors, some of them random. So even though the 2 gunsets have same He damage, the actual damage of the EBB guns will still be larger than actual damage of regular guns.

This. Never base your conclusions on the numbers alone, they usually mean nothing on their own. The damage is a result of many variables, not only HE Damage.

As you will notice, the shell weight of the new vanny gun is higher than the original, which impacts on the final damage of the gun. 

  • Re : Vanguard 1946.. Whats the point

    12. 31. 2013 08:02


I like its shooting angle 30 degree. So fast!

  • Re : Vanguard 1946.. Whats the point

    01. 01. 2014 10:42

This is quiet possible one of the best ebb out there

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