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  • UPDATED: RN BB Gun Ranges (Visual Guide)

    11. 21. 2011 13:45



If you've been looking for the definitive visual guide for RN Gun Ranges, you need not look any further.
Below this entry, you will find the maximum average range for every RN Gun from 12" up (not including the 18" singles).
I'll try to keep the guide updated every so often if there are any major updates to RN BB ranges/guns.

If you like this guide - please recommend it so it can be sticky'd.

If there are any corrections that need to be made, please PM me and I'll update as soon as I can.

Happy Hunting,


PS: To the wonderful team of players who inspired this update with the initial BB Ranges (from so many updates ago) - Thank you. 
Your work has not been forgotten (even though it didn't survive the forum transfer).

Edit Summary:
Nov 23/11 - Updated Gun Levels per player requests

*Stickied by Angus725*


  • Re : UPDATED: RN BB Gun Ranges (Visual Guide)

    06. 09. 2012 22:13


You should update it with showing not just the maxium range but the angle for the maxium range

  • Re : UPDATED: RN BB Gun Ranges (Visual Guide)

    01. 22. 2016 00:15


The diagram is no longer visible.

  • Re : UPDATED: RN BB Gun Ranges (Visual Guide)

    05. 08. 2017 22:47


Is there a possibility of having this diagram updated now that there are new, bigger battleships available?

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