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    01. 10. 2012 22:55

It is time now to do your research on the NEW WORLD ORDER and ILLUMINATI.
Google and youtube can help you with this.
Flame me but ive done this to help you.

Try this link please but do your own research please

From 1 minute 20 is telling you who killed him but please do your research.
What does he say at 1 minute 35?
What does he say at he say at 2 minute 28/9?
What is he asking for at 2 minutes 55?

Do your research on what i said,i regret to inform you that the constitution is a contract between
the citizen of the country and the government of that country,it gives laws to what the citizen can do and
what the government can do...But they are changing there side of the contract.Can you say amendment?

Im sorry but theyve ammended it so many times its like the 4,5,16th amendment.
Another thing i feel compelled to tell you is how do you think money comes about?
If you did the research then you would know,but many dont,please dont flame me im here to help.
All money in circulation is loaned to the country,can you say national debt? Which instantly puts any working
tax payer in debt..
So what does that mean?
It means do your research to know more.
I will give you 1 more link, maybe more when the flames come.
Its 5 parts so this is part 1.
Im just explaining the world in which you live,im sorry its not nice is it,Do your research to know
1000 times more.


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    01. 12. 2012 13:00

Is this Nakimushi's new account? I thought he was permabanned for stuff like this.

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    01. 12. 2012 14:35

He was all about fear mongering and hate.

This is just like babies first time finding 4chan and wanting a Guy Fawkes mask.

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    01. 20. 2012 04:20

Originally Posted by Sindher

Illuminati does not exist. No, really. It doesn't exist.

and yet you know about pealt harbor.

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