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  • ?What Is This?

    02. 09. 2015 19:55

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I used some Sailor Items back in 2013 before quitting.

Having returned, I forgot what I did to whome; and, I Renamed some Sailors; as well as, Dismissed others.

He originally was assigned to be my IJN BB BO; but, I am reassigning him as a SS BO; because, of his RESTORE Attribute.

?What does the Medal signify?

I just finished looking at the NF Store; and, Premium Sailors and Hero Sailors also have Medals; but, they are Blue instead of Red.

I don't see any difference between the Medal Styles of Premium Sailors and Hero Sailors and Elite Sailors.


  • Re : ?What Is This?

    02. 22. 2015 22:26


Originally Posted by mako089

If this sailor is to be made a RESTORER, then they are both exactly the same.

If this sailor is to be made a BO, Sonarman, Planesman etc, then Sailor #2.

A 14 potential + 11 restore sailor should not be made into a restorer anyway.

I would throw away a 12 potential 11 restorer.  I still think for most cases a restorer is not useful in the long run so IF I had to use one, it would have to be at least a  +12.  Using up a spot with a subpar restorer seems doubly wasteful.

Well...12+ Restorers are hard to come by.

Any Sailor with 12+ in a Non-POTENTIAL Attribute is hard to come by. 

Thus, for practical Reasons, choosing a 11 RESTORER Sailor is better than not choosing a 11 RESTORER Sailor.

Of course...One can always go P2P; and, forget about all of this nonsense to begin with.

  • Re : ?What Is This?

    02. 22. 2015 22:32


Originally Posted by KingCong

Their restoring performance are identical.

Stop believing in how you think navyfield should be and start taking the advice of people who have been there and done that.

?When did I ask for Sailor Selection Advice within this Topic Thread?

?Why should you care about my perceptions of how Navy Field should be played when my Topic Thread has nothing to do with "How Navy Field should be played"?

  • Re : ?What Is This?

    02. 22. 2015 22:34


Originally Posted by Maistral

This guy's posts are so terrifying I want to hide.


And...I don't mean Freddie Kruger or Michael Myers type of nightmare.

LOL ... LOL ... LOL ... LOL ... LOL ... LOL ... LOL ... LOL ... LOL ... LOL

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