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  • Continous Crashes

    03. 16. 2011 14:22

I never experienced these crashes before...
After soviets and all these patches crashes started...
I use Windows 7...
it crashes especially when I do alt-tab....
but it may crash during game too
please help
tanks in advance

Edit = I also observed... after some crashes (not all) updater downloads a file 1.4
mb ..

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    06. 09. 2011 19:20

1. Make sure you run the game in compatibility mode. This game is not well suited
for newer operating systems, running it for 2000 or XP SP3 wouldnt be bad.

2. three words: RUN. AS. ADMINISTRATOR.

3. If your processors are on the low end, make sure no other necessary processes
and tasks are running, ESPECIALLY anti virus stuff. Internet browsers should be off,
music, anything else that you dont need the computer to be doing.

4. Check your internet. If you disconnect for longer than a couple seconds, the game
will stay disconnected til you restart the client. Or hackshield will kick you.

5. Avoid alt-tabbing. I dont think anyone knows specifically why, but it causes
crashes. Just dont do it. The causes are probably somewhat related to #3.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    06. 09. 2011 02:05

xp sp3 on an old acer laptop.
what works for me is to clean regestry and internet cache with ccleaner, and then load
game, works 9 out of 10.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    06. 08. 2011 22:49

Yep, ever sence SN, plus im also using win 7, mabe it will be fixed one day "mabe"

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    06. 08. 2011 20:50

I have the same problem as silentsubusa.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    06. 06. 2011 00:58


  • Re : Continous Crashes

    05. 31. 2011 19:51

Mine has just started crashing tonight, again, and now it crashes every time it starts,
after the updater. it just doesnt ever get to the intro. it says "navyfield.exe has
stopped working. windows is searching for a solution."

great, now i cant play on any servers here on NFNA. i might as well play NFEU for a

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    05. 31. 2011 00:47

I've re-installed NF numerous times. But it still keeps crashing.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    05. 21. 2011 10:21

I had similar problems after the SN & subsequent patches. but mine were "loading"
freezes for the most part.

I found that they cleared up once I re-installed NF.

I believe that it's an issue with how they code the patches, that it destabilizes the
game. either due to poor, or sloppy technical skill in how they code new patches for
the game.

((if it matters, I use XP OS)).

it's annoying, but try to re-install the game and if that works, I recommend you do so
after every so many patches, or just after a rather large patch (and subsequent
attempts to fix such said patches).

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    05. 21. 2011 09:51


  • Re : Continous Crashes

    05. 16. 2011 07:43

Strange, I'm constantly crashing and getting disconnected, then on Sunday it worked
perfect. I played 8 hours straight to make up lost time.
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