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  • Continous Crashes

    03. 16. 2011 14:22

I never experienced these crashes before...
After soviets and all these patches crashes started...
I use Windows 7...
it crashes especially when I do alt-tab....
but it may crash during game too
please help
tanks in advance

Edit = I also observed... after some crashes (not all) updater downloads a file 1.4
mb ..

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 10. 2011 17:03

never thought of this... I ll try installing it in x86 then too.. since mine was in prog files..
and i use 64 bit system

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 10. 2011 15:04


Do you have a folder called "program files(x86)"? If so that is where the game should be
installed. This would most likely be on 64 bit systems only but it might help.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 10. 2011 14:39

Yeah... I seem 2 crash alot in the Battle waiting room, so much so that I barely play 3
battles a day, gonna get kicked out of my fleet @ this rate... been like this since HS,
and now even worse since SN... way too used to sending in a support ticket to be told its
smethin' on my end when I already stated the damn game used to wrk fine on the same system
'b4' all these changes... -_- that been said, how the frak is it on my end?

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 10. 2011 14:09

Program file.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 10. 2011 00:35

Do me a favor and check where the NF game is installed,
program files
program files (x86)

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 09. 2011 23:16

Since last Wednesday's patch, I may no longer run my NavyFIELD in compatibility mode
with Windows 98/XP, resulting in many crashes...

I too use Windows 7, 32-bit.

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 09. 2011 02:49

Try putting in a job ticket only to be told...

Its your PC/Video/ISP/Network/Firewall/Earthquake...etc....

Come on SDE pull ya finger out and fix the problem.

Fix the CRASHING and LAGGING by fixing the WRONG Server IP....yeah really will be
looking into that eh..... right....really soubleGM its taken a you a month of back and
forward to have no fix...


I had to resort to reporting abuse of Network the the NSP to get any movement of
you bunch of "professionals".

Get your Hosting company CD Networks to fix the server IP Address issues that
have been documented and sent to you or even better Enage a US Hosting
Company not some half arsed KR satilite non US based POS ISP who don't even
answer their advertised Help Line...nor have answered the request for explanation
from ARIN.


Dummy Spit

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 07. 2011 16:44

i get rid of my problems when i removed my desktop gadgets. not crashing anymore when alt tabing

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 07. 2011 13:05

Well???? Still no help from SDE? Do they realize how annoying it is to wait for 5 minutes
for a game to start, play it for 5 minutes and then have it crash before then end so you
lose all the XP and credits???? If that isn't enough to make you mad, then how about not
answering all these people in the forums that are still playing the game and asking for

  • Re : Continous Crashes

    04. 07. 2011 07:18

OMG, fix this problem....................
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