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U.S Navy


  • USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    01. 28. 2007 10:35

Welcome to my guide on the ships of the United States Navy in Navy Field! This
guide is a compilation of the knowledge of many players, new and veteran alike, and
is always growing. If you feel that something needs to be added, simply post in this
thread (or even better, send me a message) and I'll see if it's worth adding. I'm
always looking for more viewpoints about the ships in the game, so don't hesitate to
add something.

While the US is listed as being the most balanced nation in NF, many veteran players
will say otherwise from experience. Nonetheless, the US can be a fun nation to play;
some times you'll be very happy that you chose the US as your nation, though there
will also be times when you'll wonder why you chose it in the first place. It's true
that the US doesn't have any real strengths, but it also doesn't have many glaring
weaknesses, as the other nations do.


I. Update Log

II. Contributions and thanks

III. Basics of the game

IV. Destroyers
-Gearing DDR
-DDX Project

V. Light Cruisers
-Juneau II

VI. Heavy Cruisers
-New Orleans

VII. Ship Tree Branches

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    05. 22. 2011 20:29

great job

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    05. 20. 2011 23:27

one of the very best guides in all game...

what i have to say...

with capped gunners the best AA Ship is Juneau II

the best DD (for multirol AAW & ASW and secondary ASuW) is sommers

and by FAR the best CA is Baltimore

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    01. 19. 2011 19:31

Thanks, LK

I'm a brand new player and I'm grateful that you took the time to put this on paper. I
didn't fully understand it all, but you made it easy enough that I could form a plan on
what I want to do.

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    12. 18. 2010 19:11

Thanks for posting this guide!
It was very helpful. :D

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    12. 10. 2010 11:52

Thanks, LK, this has helped my game immensely...the only thing I can't do is manual
fire control...I lost 3 fingers on my left hand...and just don't have the dexterity to do

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    12. 04. 2010 19:05

a very interesting guide

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    12. 03. 2010 18:29

This (as well as your other guides) has been a tremendous help. I first started on
the EU servers...then my loving wife bought permium time here (not knowing the
difference in games) so I'm stuck over here the next couple of months.

That being said, I was pointed to your guides here, by a veteran US guy on the EU
servers who said you'd written, by far, the best USN guides available. He was right.
I pretty much follow your advice (though tempered by my experiences) on all my
ships. I've just built an ASW Brookie per your ASW guide.


Rich Vail
Pikesville, MD
The Vail Spot @

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    12. 02. 2010 13:39

i have the gearing right now, and i find it really hard to use.. is there some way to use
the gearing effectively in a blitz, or should i just stick to the fletcher??

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    11. 25. 2010 17:58

Very well done, but i would like to point out that if played right (i have done this) you
can do extreme damage to a bb1 with dd1 (Fletcher), i brought it from full damage to 152
damage (it was a uss Alaska), but well done

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    10. 19. 2010 10:24

good job thx
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