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U.S Navy


  • USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    01. 28. 2007 10:35

Welcome to my guide on the ships of the United States Navy in Navy Field! This
guide is a compilation of the knowledge of many players, new and veteran alike, and
is always growing. If you feel that something needs to be added, simply post in this
thread (or even better, send me a message) and I'll see if it's worth adding. I'm
always looking for more viewpoints about the ships in the game, so don't hesitate to
add something.

While the US is listed as being the most balanced nation in NF, many veteran players
will say otherwise from experience. Nonetheless, the US can be a fun nation to play;
some times you'll be very happy that you chose the US as your nation, though there
will also be times when you'll wonder why you chose it in the first place. It's true
that the US doesn't have any real strengths, but it also doesn't have many glaring
weaknesses, as the other nations do.


I. Update Log

II. Contributions and thanks

III. Basics of the game

IV. Destroyers
-Gearing DDR
-DDX Project

V. Light Cruisers
-Juneau II

VI. Heavy Cruisers
-New Orleans

VII. Ship Tree Branches

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    09. 17. 2010 22:00

Hey Lord Kelvin, just wanted to let you know how awesome this post is. It makes it really
difficult to go any other nation knowing that the information for the US Navy is so helpful.

Thanks again!

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    09. 12. 2010 01:44

I think the Fletcher should effectivly mount the single 5/38 dual purpose. The D verison
currently can fit only 4 binds of ammo. That is too low to be effective. NF seriously
needs to either give the Fletcher class more gun space or decrease the size of the single
5/38s. That way the Fletcher class would be more useful, especially in the AA Role

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    08. 24. 2010 10:18

Very helpful!

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    07. 19. 2010 15:50

yes good job Boy

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    06. 17. 2010 11:59

Ship dependent, but always some form of AA and/or ASW. There are situations where you
want to rush to the enemy lines to scout, but those aren't all that common.

Fletcher: ASW (though you can *attempt* to AA with the 5"/38 singles)
Gearing/Gearing DDR: AA/ASW
Timmerman: AA
Sommers: AA or ASW

Omaha: AA (with perhaps some ASW)
Atlanta/Juneau II/Oakland AA (ASW being more for hilarity than anything else)
Brooklyn: AA/ASW (It can do both at the same time. And 5 6"/47 duals make for some rather
fun AA)
Cleveland: AA (The dual-fisted AA setup is rather interesting, or you can pretend you're a CA)
Baltimore: AA (with a bit more ability to plink at other ships than the Cleveland)
Northampton/Portland/New Orleans: These ships have no real role in GBs, and operate better
in CL/CA rooms or Blitz. (The T-slots are too small even for hedgehogs. If you want, you
can attempt to AA with the 6"/47 duals)

And of course, all CL/CA (aside from the Atlanta/Juneau II/Oakland) should carry scouts.

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    06. 17. 2010 11:37

As a newbie I have found your guides very helpful. Especially in planning out my

Quick question. Even as a lowly DD I enjoy being part of the Great Battles.
Sometimes I will escort the flagship the whole game, and others will attempt

As a frigate or DD, what is the most useful thing I can be doing in Great Battles.

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    05. 20. 2010 10:53

grandiosa guia gracias

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    04. 22. 2010 11:16

Thank you for the guide. This guide helped a great deal when I first started and was
helpful as a refresher now.

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    04. 17. 2010 19:11

then why would the french doesnt have powerful ships while the otherr nations
balance each other?

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    04. 17. 2010 19:11

then why would the french doesnt have powerful ships while the otherr nations
balance each other?
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